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FAST Approach & Agreement

Email / Phone Calls

The first approach can be done by email. You can let your contact details under “contact us” section. We will send back an email within the next 24 hours to know more about your project. You can also contact us directly by phone. We would be delighted to discuss your project on line.

Conference calls / Meetings

Next step (within 48 hours) is to organize conference calls with FAST management team as well as some appropriate business partners to set up deeper analyses of your project and suggest possible investment solutions. Our prospects/customers approach is also to organize face to face meetings at your desired place, date and time to start close relationship and feel your needs.

Offer of Services / Investment Structure Organisation Chart

Once we clearly understand your project and goals, you will receive within 48 hours a deep analysis of your project describing in details our dedicated solutions, the ” best practice ” investment structure, timing and cost to meet and excess your expectations. Additionally, we will be happy to provide you with a clear and explained investment structure organisation chart. The complete offer of services will be scanned, duly signed by FAST management team and sent by email.

Signature – Offer of Services

Once you agree the offer of services, you will be able to sign and send the scanned version back together with a banking transfer (60% of fees after signature, remaining 40% once the investment structure is ready).

Documentation & Approval from the FSC

Drafting the Offering Memorandum and any other Legal Documentation & Agreements (takes 1 week)

Once this has been approved by the customer, FAST will closely follow up the creation of the investment structure & the submission to the FSC for approval (6 – 8 weeks). FAST will maintain close relationship with FSC to obtain the business license.

Business License Approval from the FSC

Codes and Tickers for Datavendors

Start of Operations

 Signature – Contracts – Bank Account Opening

FAST will operate bank account opening with the custodian bank and broker as well as a clear workflow description.

Investment – Administration Services

Next step is to operate initial investment and start the investment structure. FAST will provide regular administrative services and will maintain close relationship with professional investors and business partners to ensure successful investment structure in the long term.