History & Fields of Experience


With a strong and diversified experience in the financial organisations, a group of partners founded FAST Synergy Ltd (UK) in May 2004 to create and/or empower business relationships between investors, fund set up professionals, fund administrators and custodian banks.

To answer growing demand from customers, FAST was founded early 2005 and englobes FAST Synergy Ltd (UK) to provide BVI and Cayman Islands fund set up and administrative services to professional investors. FAST is fully regulated by the FSC (Financial Services Commission) to provide such type of services and today administrates few dozens of regulated BVI and Cayman Islands funds and management companies with assets under administration close to 10 digits.

In 2010, United Financial Partners Ltd (“UFP“) is founded in Hong Kong. This company has directly taken control over FAST Ltd which had already included FAST Synergy Ltd.

Our company like the others entities of the Group is assisted and works closely in cooperation with a highly experienced law practice. Its specialization is based upon international business law transactions in the corporate and finance domains. This law firm, called Ries & Partners, has gained large experience over the elapsed 25 years especially in the financial transaction area, corporate structuring and investment vehicles in Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels, Switzerland, London, New York, Panama and Dubai since 1997.

In view to maintain priviledged relationship with our customers located in Europe, FAST is represented through an affiliate Company in Luxembourg called FAST Synergy Luxembourg S.A.

Fields of Experience

FAST designs investment vehicles and strongly develops investment structure uncorrelated to financial markets. Beyond our traditional fund set up expertise, FAST developed extensive experience in particular fields of investment.

  • Real Estate
  • Energy & Commodities
  • Life Settlement Policies
  • Forex
  • Long – Short Investments
  • Private Equity